Live Scan Fingerprinting

We offer Live Scan Fingerprinting using the most advanced equipment and software currently on the market. Live scan fingerprinting is the process of capturing fingerprints electronically using a computer and a scanner. It is convenitent, fast, accurate and has a very low (2%) rejection rate. This digital technology replaces the "ink roll method" which required the use of ink and cards. This method was messy and led to poor fingerprint image quality and rejections. Live Scan provides the fingerprint technician with the opportunity to retake a print several times to ensure they are capturing the best image quality possible. We offer this service both at our facilities as well as our Mobile Service where we bring the equipment to your home or office. Our experienced technicians will assist applicants with the required paperwork which needs to be processed for live scan fingerprinting. We will also explain in detail what is required by rhe applicant in order to retrieve the results from the background check as quickly as possible. After correctly inputting the correct personal applicant data, scanning and then processing fingerprints electroncally there are three possible options:

Option 1:

Submit the data electronically directly to the requesting agency to complete the background check. Applicant will receive an ORI Number which corresponds to their specific digital fingerpring file so they can reference it for retrieval purposes. This option greatly speeds up the fingerprint criminal history responses in terms of getting results much quicker, often times 1 to 3 days.

Option 2:

The personal data and digitized prints can be printed on Standard Fingerprint Cards FD258. This method is known as "hard copy printing". This is done using special laser printers which produce perfect printed demographc information which line up exactly inside their required fields. The captured fingerprints print perfectly on the fingerprint card, centered in each box making a crisp, clear impression with a high degree of minutia and ridge detail. The cards can then be mailed to the requesting agency with an extremely high probability of acceptance.

Option 3:

Sometimes the captured fingerprints and personal information cannot be sent directly to the requesting agency for processing. This happens when requests are made for interstate background checks. For example getting printed in New York and submitting to California or Florida. In these cases our staff will refer applicants to "card scanning partners" we use which can act as intermediaries who in turn transmit the data directly to the agenies in the other states. We inform the applicant of the entire process from beginning to end so they know what is happening at all times.